Zones Ticketing
Client: Metrolink
Brief: The Metrolink is Greater Manchester’s tram network. Over recent years the network has expanded rapidly out across the ten districts of GM, with more expansions planned for the future. How ticket prices are calculated needed to be updated to reflect the bigger network. A new ZONAL ticket system was created to help simplify journey costs. Manchester city centre is zone one and the furthest stops of the network being in zone four. To help illustrate these new zones more clearly to passengers, the network map was tweaked so the zones appear as concentric circles radiating out from the city centre. 
A marketing campaign was required to inform passengers the existing ticketing scheme was being updated and simplified. There was an initial consultation stage where Metrolink asked customers for their feedback on a the proposed ticketing change. Stage one of the marketing campaign was to make customers aware the ticketing change was happening. Stage two was announcing the date of the ticket change. Stage three was preparing customers that the change was getting closer. Stage four was announcing the new ticketing scheme had arrived. All stages of the campaign were delivered via posters on-stop, organic and paid social media posts and press ads. 
The design for the marketing campaign was based around the concentric circles from the network map. Stages one to three of the campaign were kept quite minimal yet striking. Stage four uses the circle graphic in a more engaging and playful way.

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