In August 1998, a client of mine put me in touch with Wimborne Publishing in Dorset. Wimborne Publishing were looking for a graphic artist to help produce cover designs for their monthly magazine - Everyday Practical Electronics. Everyday Practical Electronics Magazine is the No. 1 UK magazine for hobby electronics enthusiasts.
Each month the magazine would feature a main article and my task was to produce a piece of artwork for the cover that accompanied the main article. One month the article could be about building a metal detector, the next month it could be about building a water level sensor. The articles were always really varied and the real challenge was coming up with a concept that while linked to the main article, was visually engaging for the viewer. Cover designs prior to my work on the magazine tended to be stock image library shots of electronic circuitry and components - generic electronic imagery. The covers I produced were more tailored to the actual main article.
I tended to produce the covers using 3D software such as infini-D, Bryce and Poser - with Photoshop used for final compositions and adjustments.
I worked for Wimborne Publishing from August 1998 until June 2004, producing over 70 covers. While I look back and cringe at the some of the designs I produced, Wimborne Publishing were only my second freelance client and the work I did for them was very early in career. On the flip side, some of the covers I produced I am still extremely happy with. I was incredibly proud of seeing my cover in my local newsagents every month.

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