Everyday Practical Electronics (1998-2004)
Client: Wimborne Publishing
Wimborne Publishing in Dorset were my second ever client as a freelance graphic designer/artist - in fact, I was introduced to them by my first freelance client, Matrix Multimedia in Bradford.
Wimborne published a monthly magazine called Everyday Practical Electronics, the UK's number one magazine aimed at hobby electronics enthusiasts. I was asked to produce cover artwork for the magazine which in those days, I supplied back to the client on a CD sent through the post.
Each month I was given a description of the main article that was to be featured in the upcoming magazine and it was my assignment to go away and conceptualise ideas for the cover. I'd email rough visuals of what I had in mind and when the client was happy, I'd get to work on producing the final artwork.
The designs were heavily inspired by science fiction and mainly featured circuit boards, electrical components and graphical references to the main topic of the article. Producing the images for these covers gave me the opportunity to learn 3D modelling and rendering software and use Photoshop for image manipulation and composition.
As a young freelance graphic designer, I was incredibly proud of seeing these magazine covers in my local newsagents each month. The skills I learnt creating these images went a long way to shaping the designer I am today.

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