Working Differently
Client: Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM)
Brief: Staff at TfGM’s head office have been encouraged to adapt a ‘dynamic working’ mentality and not feel constrained to working at a fixed, regular desk, between the hours of 9 to 5. Dynamic working involves ‘hot desking’ and collaborative working, working remotely or from home and flexible working hours to aid in a better work/life balance.
The floor layouts of TfGM’s head office needed to be reworked to accommodate ‘hot desking lockers’, breakfast bar style desks and comfy breakout area seating. A bright, energetic colour scheme was created to help distinguish the different floors and dynamic working areas. Desks that are assigned for dynamic workers are identified by colour-coded ‘toppers’ and desk id numbers.
To help make staff aware of this working culture change, internal comms and HR required a suite of informative collateral designing. A1 posters, overview guides, PowerPoint slides, intranet, microsite and tv monitor graphics.
Working from home is possibly one of the main ways staff can work dynamically – and it has many benefits for the employer and employee. For many, working from home or remotely is a big culture shock. To help illustrate to staff that working from home was now acceptable, example scenarios needed to be demonstrated on posters, in the overview guide and on the intranet. A suite of symbols were created to help illustrate these many scenarios. These symbols are used extensively throughout all the Working Differently collateral.

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